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A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it.
What  to feed a horse:

Water —Please never forget to have clean, fresh water available. 
60% of a horse is water and they need 9 gallons a day and up to 20 gallons in warmer temperatures! They will not eat without it and certainly can't live without it.

Good quality hay or pasture — Ruffage is  the horse's biologically appropriate food,   their GI tract functions on fiber, plus it gives them something to do — horses are natural foragers!

Mineral and salt — To make up for anything that may be lacking in their hay or pasture,
salts for electrolyte balance and minerals to work synergistically with vitamins in foods are a must for healthy equine. And remember: free choice loose is best!

Grains — Also known as concentrates because they are more nutrient dense. Grains formulations are created on life stages and performance needs. Grains help out in situations like fast growth, compromised health, needing more calories or nutrients, as a treat, or extended fuel for a performance horse. Types of grain include whole, rolled, processed, and extruded.

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