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Raw Feeding Calculator

how much raw to start off feeding


Feeding Percentages

1.5% Weight Loss
2.0% Non-Active
2.5% Maintain Weight **
3.0% Slight Weight Gain
3.5% Significant Weight Gain
4.0% Kittens/Puppies (12 weeks-1 year)
4.5- 8.0% Kittens/Puppies (4-12 weeks)  ***Note the Variables!
4.0-8.0% Pregnant/Lactating   ***Note the Variables!
Weigh Frequently: As your pet grows, weigh your pet frequently so the feeding calculator will generate an accurate feeding amount based on your pet's current weight.
*Puppies and Kittens
For puppies and kittens, we recommend a feeding percentage of 6% to start. Adjust the feeding percentage up or down as necessary according to their growth.
Don’t forget to Feel your pet every day, look for a waistline, can you feel the ribs? Are the hip bones too pronounced? Or just right? What type of day have you got planned? Cross country skiing with Fido or couch surfing? Adjust as needed and use that evening meal as you “balancer” if need be after a day of excessive treats or otherwise

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