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Feeding Raw Necks

they're more than just a byproduct, they're healthy & helpful!

chicken necks


  • Feeding your pet a neck bone at breakfast gives them something more substantial to digest on throughout the day keeping their energy level up and steady 
  • Necks act as a natural dental floss. When eaten, teeth run perpendicular to the cartilage and muscle of the neck, which run through the teeth flossing and massaging the animal’s gums as they chew 
  • Great source of muscle meat and calcium 
  • Adding necks to your dog or cat's diet is not only more beneficial to them, it is also more economical then feeding mixes and blends solely. You get more bang for your buck!   
How To:
When adding neck bones to your pet's diet:
  • Serve them at breakfast so that their systems have something more substantial to digest on throughout the day 
  • Continue with the raw mixes at their evening feeding 
  • Feed equal parts necks to raw mixes , simply substitute half in necks  at a different feeding.
For example, if you need to feed your dog 3lbs of food a day you would feed 3 - 4 turkey necks (1.5 lbs) for breakfast and 1.5 lbs of raw mix food for dinner .
Bridger Animal Nutrition carries a variety of neck bone products ! 
  • Duck Necks-great for smaller dogs and cats 
  • Chicken Necks-great for medium sized dogs 
  • Turkey Necks-great for a large dog; can be cut 


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