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Making the Switch

cooked to raw if needed

Step by Step

You have 2 choices: Cold Turkey or Slowly.

A good rule of thumb is "the longer a pet has been on one type of food the longer you should take to make the transition"
Of course their are exceptions to this "rule" if you know the food they're on is killing them and like. In this scenario you may want to just do it.

Some pets may take to RAW immediately, while others may take longer because they are hooked on the added flavorings in traditional pet food. 
Try to take at least 7 days to 2 weeks to gradually transition your pet’s diet. This gives the digestive system time to adjust to the new food. ( See Stomach pH or Pancreas for detailed "why's")
One can also switch to home cooked meal and then to a raw meal. Just repeat the steps below starting from cooked rather than kibble.             

Step 1 
Choose a protein (stick with the same protein for the first 2 weeks) 
Step 2 (Day 1-3) Serve 25% RAW mixed with 75% current food 
Step 3 (Day 4-6) Serve 50% RAW mixed with 50% current food 
Step 4 (Day 7-9) Serve 75% RAW mixed with 25% current food 
Step 5 (Day 10 and after) Serve 100% RAW


Always provide access to clean, fresh water.
Your pets water consumption will decrease after the transition-this is normal, natural and ok as their normal state of cellular hydration is getting met with meals more readily.

Know that very pet is different, and it is important that you use your best judgment when transitioning your pet. 
If your pet is reluctant to eat the frozen products it may be an aversion to the temperature change. 
I recommend putting the product into a Ziploc bag and placing it in warm water until it is closer to room temperature. 
Also  introducing one protein at a time is a good idea so you can really tell what they like and only kinda' like.

Note to Cat Owners: Cats can be much more finicky than dogs when it comes to what they are willing to eat, and it may take more than a week or two to transition them to a raw diet.
Starving a cat into eating the new food will not work and is very dangerous as your cat can get seriously ill if they do not eat for more than a day or two. ( See obligate carnivore article)  Having patience is the most important factor in getting your cat to accept the new diet. And wine. A glass or bottle.

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