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Kidney/Renal System

Kidney Issues

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Signs, Issues, Managment

Signs of Kidney Problems 
• Change in water consumption
• Change in volume of urine produced
• Depression and listlessness
• Loss or decreased appetite
• Chemical odor of breath
• Vomiting
• Weight loss
• Blood in urine
• Mouth ulcers
• Pale gums
• Stumbling, acting drunk

phosphate retention, too much poor Q protein load, dehydration
The foods your pet consumes are very high in phosphorus. Failing kidneys have difficulty excreting sufficient phosphorus into the urine. As the ratio of phosphorus to calcium in the blood becomes abnormal, the pet's bones will weaken.

high quality proteins to ensure controlled reduction of non-essential amino acids so that there can be a decrease in nitrogenous wastes. *at least 1g protein : 1 lb bodyweight/day
clean foods
reduce toxin load
increase B vits
increase hydration
anti- inflammation
vit D (calcitrol)
fermentable fiber to rid toxins
vit C

When developing a diet for your dog with kidney failure, the goal is to reduce phosphorus by feeding moderate to high fat, moderate amounts of high quality protein,and low phosphorus carbohydrates to provide calories.

Dogs with kidney problems often do better when fed several small meals throughout the day rather than just one or two large meals.

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