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The Over Vaccination of your Dog


Signs, Prevention, Titers

• What are the signs? 
Symptoms are different for each dog, though many are very similar. Dogs with chronic digestion problems, skin issues, sneezing and runny eyes, swelling, hives, and thyroid issues, just to name a few. If your dog has any chronic disease, I recommend having titers* run on to find out if the previous vaccinations are still present. 

• How do I know if my dog has vaccinossis?
 Seek a holistic vet, they seem to be the only professionals to agree that over vaccination is a big problem. Detoxification is necessary along with a species specific diet. Your vet will have good guide lines for you to follow.

 • How can I prevent my dog from getting vaccinossis? 
I recommend doing blood titers* annually or at least every other year. 

*Titering is a blood draw, done by your vet, and sent off to a lab that looks for any existing antibodies to the virus’s previously vaccinated for. In nearly every case I’ve investigated, the vaccines have held, some for the life of the dog.

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