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Doggie Breath

A current Email I received for a request on advice for a pup with bad breath


My response

Glad you've taken notice of that drainage,
bad breath is often a result of a low-level chronic sinus infection draining.
(or it can be acutely bad with kidney & liver issues, but lets not go there)

I'm assuming that her teeth are all in good shape? signs of a head tilt, problems chewing, or not liking to be pet on or around the head ?
If no, lets proceed.

2 months for drainage that causes halitosis may be reason to see a DVM
and get on an antibiotic for a sinus infection.
Us humans commonly think of this, but not so much in dogs,cats & horses...but it can happen.

In the mean time there are breath drops that may help, 
like "Happy Breath"-the active ingredients are parsley oil & spearmint.
My suggestion here would be to pick up some parsley oil drops at your local health food dispensary.
Charcoal biscuits can also help if the discharge is making it down into the stomach,
and you're smelling it from there as the charcoal will neutralize the toxins in the tummy.

But the best course of action, if you're sure it's from the discharge, is to treat the discharge.
An echinacea & goldenseal tincture 2x a day is where I'd begin if the DVM finds no infection.

If you decide to go to he DVM, please let me know how it turns out.
Hope this helps!