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2. Bailey: The Mystery

One dog's journey of rehabilitation through food

Lick Granuloma

The Beginning, the mystery of how

March 27, 2019
A review of Bailey's symptoms:
  • overweight
  • dry skin
  • dandruff
  • poor coat
  • bodily smell
  • tacky feeling
  • conjunctivitis (more so the rt eye)
  • mottled groin area skin
  • several lick-granulomas
  • end of snout raw with mild acne
  • chin acne
  • chronic itching
  • poor sleep patterns
  • poor behavioral attention
Oh boy, there's a lot going on here, but I can tell you they're all related.
On the up side Bailey has a rock solid stomach and has had no GI upset. Her stools are consistent as far as the Roberts know as she does her business away from the house out in the mountain meadows so there's no real way to keep track. But she's never troubled them with diarrhea or vomiting in the home. No history of pancreatic issues, no signs of kidney problems or diabetes. These are all pluses.
She has been annually vaccinated, and was spayed at about 10 months of age with no issues.
Q: So how long has this been going on I ask?
A: Since she was less than one year.

I inquire again about vaccine protocol, asking about any abnormalities arising 1 day to 6 weeks after. Nothing. 

I ask again about the spay process. Again, nope, no problems.

In my head I'm thinking "Geez, this dog has a classic gut injury?!"
Nobody has picked up on it because Bailey's constitution is so strong. But her immune system? Now that's another story! It's overreacting at daily life.
83% of the immune system regulation is in the gut - specifically in the microbiome of the small intestine. 
This dog is fighting chronic systemic yeast, leaky gut, irrational food intolerances, her inflammation reactions are off the charts and her skin pH is way too alkaline.
Besides some nutritional imbalances and inadequacies, something has given her dysbiosis. Knowing that the antibiotics and steroids weren't administrated until her 2nd year, there must have been "an event" that traumatized her gut enough to push it over the edge.

....But what?

stay tuned

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