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3. Bailey: The Answer

One dog's journey of rehabilitation through food

Chin acne

Finding the Answer in order to Get Started

Knowing that the antibiotics and steroids weren't administrated until Bailey's 2nd year, there must have been "an event" that traumatized her gut.

....But what?
After discussing my theory with Penny Roberts , Bailey's primary care giver, an old deeply buried memory surfaces. When Bailey was 10 months old, she was accidentally run over by a car and fled into the woods. She was missing for more than 24 hours. The family was very upset and was still in a heightened state upon finding Bailey by a tree in the woods. No skeletal damage was done, but both the pup and the family were badly shaken, enough so that Penny repressed the memory. Bailey's immune system has never been the same since according to Penny.

OK then. I have my answer, I have my "event." 
Now I can start putting the puzzle back together again backwards.
Bailey's history reveals that she was vaccinated, spayed and run over within 3 months. Her older companion dog "Bella" took advantage of the compromised pup at this time to declare her alpha dominance over her. At just under a year, Bailey began to chew on herself.
*Please note that it is not necessary to know what happened every time to heal. I often work with rescued animals with no known history what so ever. 

My Assessment
Dysbiosis with leaky gut and chronic systemic yeast overgrowth.
*Note: all of the above can/will attribute to mood changes, sleep disruption, endocrine disruption, metabolic changes, and auto-immune regulation complications. 

Recovery by 1 year  through change in feeding practices by incorporating species appropriate foods in the proper proportions employing assistance from dietary supplements in order to feed the good and starve the bad, heal the gut lining, and re-balance the microbiome, ....and lose some weight.

  • Re-balance the microbiome
    • provide foods rich in good bacteria colonizing ingredients
    • starve the bad bacteria
    • provide whole food enzymes
  • Heal the gut
    • add collagen
    • deer antler velvet
    • diatomaceous earth
  • Support the body during healing crises
    • bone broths
    • additional water
    • raw recreational bones
  • Nourish the body at a cellular level
    • feed a species appropriate raw food supported with green foods and omega 3's

Great, I have my "plan" but Bailey is big, really big! This isn't going to be cheap. And she happens to be a poster child for all things hay-wire in a gut compromised immune system. Some dogs express 1 or 2 symptoms, but Bailey is a smorgasbord of problems, Jackpot! She'd make a great blog and advertising campaign, but I need to find a partner in crime for this expedition. A company that believes in diet make-overs as much as I do. My last co-conspirator who helped so generously with my first diet make-over, K9 Naturals from New Zealand, found exporting to the US to be cost prohibitive so sadly, they're out. 

Back to the drawing board I go.