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Blanketing the Wet, Chilled Horse

Wet horse? A retraction to our first article: The right Blanket will Work!

Better Blankets!

Blanketing a cold and wet horse

It use to be that we wouldn't throw a rug on an already wet horse for fear of them staying wet and miserable.
Moisture contributes a TON to maintaining or loosing body heat.  Think about it- wet feet in the winter equals cold feet;
and we use evaporative cooling products to displace heat in the summer for example.
But thanks to knew fabric technologies, horse blankets are now "breathable" and can do way more good in getting a horse warm again...even if they're wet. 
A good blanket will pull that moisture off of the horse enabling them to dry and maintain their own heat. 
Once the cold, soggy spring weather clears, remember to air out your horses blankets in the sun so they're ready for next time!

Need to find these new high-tech fabric horse blankets? We recommend our friend as Four Corners Saddlery

Another hack to dry a wet horse if you don't have a newer blanket is to put a cooler under the blanket for an hour, then go back out and pull off the cooler, leaving just the dry top rug. The cooler should wick away that moisture real well.

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