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Raw "Extras"

June 14, 2013 // Canine
Here's some ingredients you're likely to already have on hand that make beneficial additions to your recipes.
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Changes in Your Dog’s Stool on Raw

May 27, 2013 // Canine, Feline
5 day old raw poop
One of the additional benefits of switching your pet to a raw dog food will quickly become apparent – you will see a significant reduction in the size and odor of your dog’s stool. 
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April 22, 2013 // Canine
Echinacea alone or coupled with Golden Seal has been a proven reliever of seasonal allergies in dogs for symptoms like reverse sneezing, runny eyes, and regular sneezing.
Given all season or pulsed throughout the year, it really helps and it's natural and non-drowsy.
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Meat -vs- Meal

March 14, 2013 // Canine, Feline
This is a snap shot of the difference between meats and meals on an ingredient panel.
This article does not go into the differences in quality of meats or meals. That's yet another story. Good grief Charlie Brown.
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Don’t Forget The Heart

June 25, 2012 // Canine
Because it’s a muscle, beef heart is somewhat similar to muscle meat, although it’s a heavier and more dense muscle. Also, heart meat packs more protein and unique nutrients that are supportive, preventive and increase vitality!
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