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Bill O'Connell from BiOmega3 Camelina Products

Montana Made Pet Product Producers Interview 4
Camelina Oil

BiOmega3 : locally produced high omega 3 supplements

1Q:  What drove you to create this (BiOmega3)?

Bill A:  As a farmer I originally grew Camelina as an oil feed crop up by Cutbank for fuel. I was impressed with how hardy it was. It's in the mustard family therefore is naturally self sustaining and an aggressive grower. Its demand in the fuel industry declined but this plant had so much more to offer! 
It's incredibly resistant to bugs therefore needs no pesticides. Climate doesn't rattle it either. 
It adds nutrients to the the soils for rotational farmers like myself, and it contains amazing essential fatty acids and loads of vitamin E.-enough to be stable. Now that's something!
I felt it would be much more beneficial as a consumable food crop to aid in diet balancing so that's just what we did.

2Q: What inspired the name?
Bill A:  Easy, it's biologically available omega 3's. The name felt natural from the start.

3Q: What standards do you put upon yourself in regards to your product (s)? 
Bill A: Lots. 
Certifications (from the MT State Oil Producers) 
No Pesticides-they're not needed!
No Herbicides- they're not needed either! that's neat
Cold processed in our own commercial kitchen  

4Q: What was the biggest challenge thus far?
Bill A:  Getting it into stores and achieving G.R.A.S.  approval. 
We got GRAS (generally recognized as safe) in 2017 and that really helps with labeling regulations as it can officially be called a food ingredient now.

5Q: If there was a product fairy, what would you wish for your biz or product line?

Bill A:  to expand the market. this stuff is just so good, I wish i could get everyone to try it.

6Q: What about the process brings you the most joy? 
Bill A: The cold processing, the diversity of the job: from farming to marketing to educating .

7Q: What’s unique unto your product that you want consumers to know about?  
Bill A:  That it's a REALLY good Omega 3 supplement, plus the 6's & 9's.
Also that it is SHELF STABLE. It contains so much naturally occurring Vit E that you can leave it on your shelf for years! -not that you would of course. But that's huge for barns & kennels & kitchens. Fatty Acid supplements are usually very unstable and go rancid fast, but not BiOmega3. And it's palatable with no fishy smell or possibility of ocean contaminants. 

8Q: If you could over-hear a customer comment on your product,  what would you most want them to say?
Bill A:  Oh we're use to that! People talk about the difference our products make right to our face! We love that!
They tell us they really like it and are real happy they found it. They're grateful with how it helps with dry coats, skin, dandruff, and even stiff joints in there dogs and horses. (Camelina meal is great for horses too!)

Thank You Bill for being one of our community's great farmers and bringing us a healthy, home grown product!