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A Must Read!

March 24, 2022
The Forever Dog
This is THE book to buy and read.
Dr. Karen S. Becker & Rodney Habib are true heroes and advocates for pets spilling light into the dark corners of pet health that have gone over-looked for too long.

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Common flower that is poisonous to pets

May 5, 2021
Spring has sprung! And as we begin to dream about our beautiful gardens and flower beds, owners should be aware which plants can be toxic to their pets. Over 700 different types of plants can be poisonous to pets and many are found right in our gardens.
In this blog I will focus on Heliotrope.
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Coconut Oil for Pets

April 23, 2021
coconut oil
The best coconut oil to feed your pets are those that are labelled high in MCT's.
Something to know is that a good portion of those MCT's in coconut oil are lauric acid. Lauric acid is anti-bacterial -which is a good thing, but lauric acid gets digested through a different pathway than other MCT's and can easily be stored as fat rather than used as fuel. So, it's good to rotate through your fat sources containing different MCT's.
Remember, Granma said "everything in moderation, and variety is the spice of life!"

Here are some ways coconut oil is beneficial:

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Natural Parasite Control

April 19, 2021
Diatomaceous Earth
A few of you out there saw our latest commercial about natural parasite & giardia control and asked what that product was.
Well, here's all about it....

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Floatation Devices for Dogs

April 16, 2021
dogs in water
Some dogs are natural swimmers, some dogs aren't.
Regardless people love dogs.
Each year someone jumps into a river here in Montana so save a dog and doesn't come out. Studies show that people are less likely to risk themselves to save a dog if it is wearing a floatation device.

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Dog Boots for Summer

April 12, 2021
hot surface!
Dog boots are super popular here in Montana in the winter but in fact are more valuable to a dog's paws in the summer!
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