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How A Raw Diet Aids In Oral Health

Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats
teeth cleaning
So, what can we as pet owners do to prevent dental disease and promote oral health? Although the mechanisms behind pet mouths can be complex, the solution is actually quite simple. Feeding your pet a species-appropriate diet composed of unprocessed, preferably raw food will provide the best possible nutrition. Raw diets supply dogs and cats with many benefits including noticeable changes and improvements to oral health. Much of this can be attributed to the abrasive qualities of raw food and bones that act as a “toothbrush” when your pet eats and chews. Raw pet foods also contain essential levels of live enzymes and good bacteria that prevent the formation of plaque and tartar buildup, while skipping out on those not-so-good starches, carbohydrates and sugars, found in many types of kibble.

Aside from drastically improving oral health, things like healthier coats, stronger bones and joints, superior digestion and even fewer allergies are to be expected characteristics of a raw diet. Think about it; if we benefit from healthy options for ourselves, shouldn’t our pets benefit them too? Absolutely. Healthy diets mean happy pets, and especially no bad breath!

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