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Feeding Poultry

Our Avian Omnivores
Buff Hen

Chick-hood through Finishing

CHICKS from 0-6weeks “chick starter” should be around 18-20% protein
Meat chicks however need a high protein feed of about 22 to 24% protein for the first six weeks. It’s called “meat bird starter”
Medicated or non-medicated is fine for all poultry & fowl as the only drug used now is Amprolium which doesn’t kill water fowl. It’s worth noting that this med doesn’t prevent coccidiosis entirely, it merely helps prevent the spread.

OLDER CHICKS: 6-14 weeks “pullet developer” or “starter grower”
If you’re raising young pullets to become layers, you want them to grow slowly enough to develop good strong bones and to reach a normal body weight before they begin producing eggs. High-protein diets tend to hurry the birds into production before their bodies are quite ready. Therefore, the ration for growing pullets, from leaving the brooder at 6 weeks to about 14 weeks, should be about 18-20% protein. 
Many feed manufacturers now offer a combined starter/grower feed which can be fed from hatch right up until the chicks reach laying age.
HENS: 14 weeks on “layer” at min 16% to 22% protein
the average hen needs roughly 5 ounces of food and 10 ounces of water to produce 1 egg, so make sure your layers get enough feed. 
BROILERS 14-22 weeks or owners choice “meat builder” any where from 20%-28% protein as this is controversial among meat bird growers.

Poultry also need:
Oyster Shell
Dusting bath
Clean water

Poultry may also have but don’t need:
Fish Meal
Flax Meal
Table scraps
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