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Grain Free Dog Foods and Heart Health

The new hot button

Heart Health Meat is for Dogs

Here's my Answer:

Grain free and/or legumes has nothing to do with it.
It’s the fact that there is not enough meat inclusion. 

The amino acids in meat include taurine.
Taurine is essential for heart health.
Taurine is prevalent in meat & blood. 
When you dilute any carnivorous diet with too many non-meat ingredients
(grain in or grain free, like peas or potatoes or other non grain ingredients) ....when there’s simply not enough meat in a cat or dog diet -you’re going to have heart problems.

“Grain  free” had nothing to do with it. It’s all lack of species appropriate meat inclusion
This is another way large pet food companies are taking advantage of dog's resilient digestive systems to make a buck at the expense of the pet parent. 

The news titles should really read “Meat Free Diet’s cause Heart Issues”.
 Now that is something we all could believe!