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Fish Oil vs. Glucosamine

new studies claim fish oil is better at managing pain& inflammation


What does What

These two products -fish oil and glucosamine, work entirely different from one another, therefore shouldn't be plotted against eachother in a comparison as they would be best playing on the same team because they both have the same end-game in sight: joint health.

Fish Oil helps with pain by decreasing inflammation. 
It's high in Omega 3's - the ones that help decrease inflammation which in turn decreases pain (in a perfect world.) 
They are also claimed to "lubricate" the joints. This can be attributed more likely to the increase in cellular health due to the additional Vit E added  to help them be shelf stable and its oxidative effect.

GAG's like glucosamine work in a different way :
1) by increasing the sponginess of articular cartilage, 
2) by increasing the viscosity of the synovial joint fluid and
3) by increasing the cell wall's permeability so that inflammation may escape. 

The two (fish oil & GAG's) should ideally be used together.

Now here's the other side of fish oil (isn't there always another side?):
Fish oil quality is becoming more and more sketchy.
Thanks to a nuclear leak in Japan's ocean and other global pollution, fish carry a lot of toxins in their fat.
Fish oil is also volatile-it can go rancid quickly if not stored properly and then do more harm than good.

It's great, when fresh, for puppies due to the high levels of DHA & EPA for brain & eye development , but for older dog's done with growth, we can help them with pain and inflammation in a safer way that will be easier on their detox system.
First , get them on an anti-inflammatory diet (which if you're reading this I'm sure you've done) and second, use Hemp Oil, Flax Oil, or Camelina Oil instead of fish oil. All are safer alternatives to fish oil when looking for pain & inflammation relief.
For the same  immune support found in the omega balances of fish oil however,
I recommend Phytoplankton (that's where the fish get it from to begin with after all.)

This in conjunction with a GAG will help reduce pain and prevent further damage which is really the key to healthy living.
An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.
If your pet is truly uncomfortable, I highly recommend CBD oil as well.
For more info on that, see my blog " CBD Oil"

thanks for caring