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Rotate! Rotate! Rotate!

the days of brand loyalty are long over, be loyal to your pet's gut!


Rotate for Variety and Health

You don’t eat the same thing day in and day out, and neither should your pet. By varying the proteins and forms, your dog or cat will enjoy a more diverse and complete micro-nutrient intake, as well as exciting tastes and textures for better health and happiness. 

What are the Benefits?  
Improves Overall health
By varying protein sources and adding variety to your pet’s diet, you’ll be providing a more diverse and complete micro-nutrient intake that will benefit your cat or dog’s health – immediately and for years to come.
Reduced risk of food allergies
Many allergies to common ingredients like chicken, beef, potato, even flax can develop over time when pets are consistently fed the same food month after month. When you rotate foods, you can reduce the risk of your pet developing food allergies and intolerances.  (When any one protein is not being overfed, the body does not become sensitive.)
Improved hydration
Many health problems found in pets (such as urinary and kidney issues) stem from long-term dehydration, which can be avoided by rotating products with higher moisture content like canned and raw frozen products. In fact, veterinarians routinely recommend increasing water intake as a first treatment option to help prevent or alleviate urinary problems.
Reduced pickiness
Rotating forms and foods can reduce pickiness in pets and increase their interest in meals. Pets that are accustomed to specific textures and flavors are less inclined to try new foods, while pets who are consistently fed a variety of foods are excited about their meals at every meal!
Better behavior
When used in conjunction with obedience training, rotating forms and flavors can help to decrease incidences of destructive behavior, which can develop from boredom.
Convenient for you
Once you begin rotating you can choose your purchases based on what’s on sale, what’s new & exciting, what’s available where you are on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis without digestive upset. And there's no right or wrong way to rotate.  Just decide what works best for you and your pet.  The more variety the better!

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