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Summer Heat by Woody's

A performance feed
Summer Heat

Consistent energy comes from three basic feed groups.

  1. Starch energy from high quality oats and barley.
  2. Fat energy from soy oil.  One pound of fat equals 2.25 pounds of corn on an energy basis.  One hundred pounds of oil is added per ton of Summer Heat, which gives you the equivalent of feeding 8 ounces of oil for each 10 pounds of Summer Heat!
  3. Fiber energy from beet pulp. Beet pulp provides an energy source similar to oats.
These three energy sources are all metabolized differently, which is an added benefit to the horse, as he is a fiber digesting animal.  Beet pulp has a very important added function of slowing down the rate of passage through the digestive tract, which enables the horse to more efficiently utilize all the nutrients in Summer Heat.

The nutrient profile in Summer Heat leaves nothing to guesswork.
Lysine and methionine are amino acids that act as building blocks for proteins that repair and enhance muscle and soft tissue development.
Calcium and phosphorus are ever so important, as the balance of these minerals is crucial to many metabolic processes, especially the transportation and utilization of all nutrients.  Not only are they important on their own, but the ratio between calcium and phosphorus is key.  Remember that calcium, phosphorus, salt and potassium are your basic electrolytes, provided at the proper ratios in Summer Heat.
When you look at the vitamin/trace mineral package, you can see that the little things mean a lot!  There's Vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant in a high fat feed, zinc, methionine and oil aid in healthy hoof growth, plus vitamins A & D, B12, K, copper and Choline.
Your horses will haul better, stay full and work like they do at home!

A Complete Winner's Package!
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