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Homemade Pet Food

It's more important than you think


Ways to help you do it!

Understanding the Myth of Kibble
We know that most people have come to believe that dogs should only eat dog food and that feeding kibbled dog food is complete and balanced and healthy. Dog food, in particular kibble, is made of ingredients that usually have very little nutritional value and is actually largely responsible for most of the degenerative diseases seen in dogs today.
Sad but True.
We understand that this is hard to believe as everyone from your breeder to your trusted veterinarian will tell you that there is “good kibble” and that this type of food is healthy and contains everything that your dog needs. 
A Daily Diet of Crackers?
Just like humans, animals derive their health largely from good nutrition. How healthy would you be if you ate a diet of crackers and pretzels that had been filled with preservatives and then sprayed with vitamins, flavoring and coloring agents? 
And then imagine that this was your only food source that you had day in and day out.
This is what kibble is to your dog.-A diet that is lacking in fresh natural ingredients and the essential nutrients that are necessary to keep them healthy and have a long life. We want our dogs to have a life that is free from degenerative diseases such as arthritis, cancer, kidney disease and heart disease. But this type of standard pet food diet in kibbled form can also contribute to allergies, skin conditions, ear infections, digestive problems, bad breath and body odor. Not only does dry kibble lack nutritional value it also lacks enough moisture to keep dogs properly hydrated.
Switching to Homemade is NOT Difficult-Really!
Once pet parents understand the importance of a truly healthy freshly made meals, it’s a simple decision to switch to a healthy homemade diet.
Right?   Yes, but…….
*Home cooking is overwhelming?
*How will I do this? Do I have time for this? 
*It must be very expensive?
All valid concerns and that’s why Bridger Animal Nutrition has made home cooking so easy with homemade food “premixes” and pre-made balanced frozen raw foods.
*They take all the guesswork out of making fresh healthy food for your pets. 
*Using our premixes ( Sojos, Honest Kitchen, or Grandma Lucey’s) you simply add water fresh meat (and/or top with your choice of beneficial supplements)
and you have a fresh meal made from healthy real, whole foods in just minutes. 
Using complete premade frozen foods (Stella & Chewy’s, Answers, Oma’s, Primal, Vita Essentials, Instinct, North West Naturals) all there is to do is defrost & serve (and/or top with your choice of beneficial supplements)

*You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is. 
*With our foods you will be providing your dog with a healthy homemade diet that they need to maintain the best very of health.

*Feeding this way will make a tremendous difference in your pet’s life whether you are starting with a new puppy, supporting your senior dog or trying to help a sick dog regain his health.

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