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Why Backyard Chickens

you can do this!

8 reasons why!

1. You can be a food producer! The local food movement is flourishing, and by keeping backyard chickens you can take pride in being a food producer and not just a consumer.

2. You know exactly where your eggs come from! When you raise your own eggs and/or meat you know what the animal ate, its living conditions, and how it was treated.

3. You can eat fresh! Fresh foods simply taste better and eggs are no exception.  Combine chicken keeping with a vegetable garden and you’ll never look at store bought eggs and produce the same way.

4. You can fertilize your garden! Chicken poop is high in nitrogen and great for your compost pile. Give your vegetable garden the nutrient boost it needs.

5. You can practice natural pest control! Got cockroaches, grubs, or any other pest you don’t want in your yard or garden? Chickens are great at controlling certain pests naturally, no need to put down nasty chemicals. And yes, chickens will even eat mice!
6. You will be entertained! While chicken keeping may sound like a chore to some, many people see egg collection and putting out feed as a relaxing morning ritual. Also, just like cats and dogs, chickens have personalities and can be great companions.

7. You will make new friends! Crazy chicken people are contagious!

8. You will learn something new! Never been handy with tools? Building your own coop is a great way to learn.  Not sure where the chicken egg actually comes out of the bird?  You can dazzle your friends with random chicken facts and anatomy.

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