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Egg Bound Chicken

A good layer not laying?
egg bound

Egg bound chicken?

What to do?
  1. A warm bath ensuring to cover her vent (egg pooper-shooter hole)
  2. A small needle-less syringe of olive oil inserted into the vent to lubricate and aid in egg exiting
  3. Let the chicken go and wait & see. Often the warm bath & lubrication accompanied by movement will get eggs loosened up. If it doesn’t…….
  4. With a helper to cover the chicken’s eyes (as chickens become motionless with covered eyes)
    1. Palpate the egg and move it to the opening
    2. Slowly work it out of the vent
    3. Follow steps again for any remaining eggs adding olive oil lubrication as needed.
There are some great Youtube videos on this matter for those wanting visuals.
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