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Diatomaceous Earth

Nature's Amazing Fossil Mineral! Who Knew?!


AKA: DE, Fossil Shell Flower, it's ancient & it's good stuff!

“Diah-tom-a-shus what?”  You might be asking yourself, but never fear, just because you can't say it, doesn't diminish this natural wonders many benefits.  Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral deposit formed from a tiny algae/plankton-like creature called a Diatom.  The Diatom builds a beautiful shell around itself pulling naturally occurring minerals from the water, as these diatoms die, they fall to the floor of the lake and leave a silt.  Fast forward a few eons, and these dry lake beds produce a rich layer of a white-ish, flour-like substance called diatomaceous earth.  Loaded with benefits for your pet or livestock that you probably have never heard of.

Diatomaceous Earth is mostly silica, one of the most abundant minerals in the body of warm blooded creatures and has countless roles in the natural function of healthy bodies.  Known as a gateway mineral, silica’s', main function is to get calcium and magnesium into the cells to be utilized.  Minerals always work in synergy with one another, never standing alone.  The problem, silica is extraordinarily depleted in our soils and therefore in our food chain.  We just aren't getting enough, and neither are our furry or feathered friends.    Along with silica, diatomaceous earth also contains up to 18-20 valuable, rich, trace minerals.

So what does it do?  Diatomaceous earth is known as the mineral of 1500 uses!  You read that right, 1500 uses!  If added to the diet of your animal, it has some amazing health benefits:  skin, shiny hair, bone, nails, hooves, eyesight, teeth, joints, ligaments, cartilage, heart and cardiovascular system, lungs and sinuses, digestion, parasite prevention and elimination (better stool consistency), just to name a few of the bodies systems that benefits from this amazing mineral.  Along with that, comes the added benefit of easier weight gain in livestock, richer, creamier milk, tastier, healthier meats, thicker, stronger eggshells, bountiful shiny plumage, and powerful immune systems, and healthier pregnancies.

Silica’s primary function is building better connective tissues.  ALL tissue in the body is a connective tissue of some sort, so you get my drift, it's the raw building material to build a better animal.
DE is cheap, flavorless and easy to use as a top dressing on horse & poultry feed or kibble or mix it into your dog & cats’ raw blend! It’s a no-brainer! Heck, put some in your own smoothie every day for strong nails, better eyesight & less wrinkles!

Montana made HERO brand Diatomaceous Earth is available at both Bridger Animal Nutrition’s locations!

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