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Changes in Your Dog’s Stool on Raw

things to know so you're not surprised!

new raw poop

Lets talk poop

Stools from raw-fed dogs tend to be smaller and firmer, as the dog is absorbing more nutrients from its food.
Some dogs will strain slightly at the hard stools. This is OK, and even beneficial, as the harder stools help the dog express its anal glands, reducing the likelihood of infection, and tone its sphincter muscles.
There may be some variation in the consistency of your dog’s stool. This is also OK, although you should consult with your dietician if your dog experiences prolonged diarrhea (btw, soft stool is not diarrhea).
You may also occasionally see a film around your dog’s stool, especially during transition. This is also OK and is evidence of detoxification, i.e., the dog’s body cleansing itself of harmful toxins.
Detoxification: Getting “Unsick”
When switching your dog to a more-healthy, raw food diet, some dogs – especially older ones who have been eating kibble for a long time – may experience a detoxification process.
This condition may be a bit unnerving – you may see mucus coating your dog’s stool, excess shedding, dry skin, runny eyes, or other symptoms. These symptoms do not mean that your pet is sick – in fact, they are signs that it is getting “unsick”, as the dog’s body purges itself of the various toxins that have built up over time.
The situation will resolve itself with time, (generally a week or two, but up to a couple months in some cases) as new cells must replace old ones in order for the detox process to be completed. You may be able to speed up the process with increased exercise, and by having plenty of fresh filtered water available.
Dogs that have been on steroids, antibiotics, or other long-term drugs, may experience prolonged detoxification periods

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