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Lori Crowell of Blue Dog Provisions

Montana Made Pet Product Producers Interview
Blue Dog Treats

Blue Dog Provisions: locally created dog treats made with Offal & Love

1Q:  What drove you to create this (Blue Dog Provisions)?
Lori A: In my past life I worked in the Big Timber butcher shop. I saw first hand the waste of offal. Offal is muscle & organ meats not used for human consumption in our country. As a pet parent I also know the value of organ meats in the diets of our pets. Seeing all that offal go to waste and knowing how nutritious it is inspired me to make dog treats. 

2Q: What inspired the name?

Lori A:  My Blue Heeler "Jock"

3Q: What standards do you put upon yourself in regards to your product (s)? 
Lori A:  Locally sourced for sure! From butcher shops I personally know and trust. And of course freshness

4Q: What was the biggest challenge thus far?
Lori A:  Marketing. Getting my name out there in a sea of pet treats is daunting. 

5Q: If there was a product fairy, what would you wish for your biz or product line?
Lori A:  Whoa. Hmmmm. I think it would be for my next variety of treats, which I'm currently working on, to be instantly successful! I'm excited begin a second line of soft & meaty treats. My crunchy treats have been super well received, I hope the same for my next labor of love.

6Q: What about the process brings you the most joy? 
Lori A: I actually really enjoy being with the public. I like setting up booths at venues and handing out samples, talking with folks about my product and hearing about what they love and want in a dog treat.

7Q: What’s unique unto your product that you want consumers to know about?  
Lori A:  Easy! That they're Hickory Smoked by ME! The hickory smoking adds such a delicious aroma and it's totally natural, none of that artificial stuff in commercially prepared treats. 

8Q: If you could over-hear a customer comment on your product,  what would you most want them to say?
Lori A: Hahahaha! I'd like everyone to say "It's like doggy-crack!" And it is you know! Dog's go nuts for it.

Thank You Lori for your yummy, healthful offal treats & your passion!
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