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Dog Boots for Summer

help protect paws from hot surfaces!

boots for summer

Protect those paws from hot surfaces and sharp rocks!

Dogs sweat through their paws so in the winter, active dogs tend to do better without boots. Their feet get warm, perspire preventing ice from adhering directly to the skin and pads. Sure they might get some annoying snowballing in their fur, but in general the health of their feet remains pretty good.

However, come summer those same dogs' paws get very dry and the hot surfaces of pavement and rocky trails can really chew up the toes and pads creating cracks & nicks.

This is why we recommend all terrain, breathable dog boots even more in the summer months!

To keep boots on trail running dogs,
first, wrap your dog's ankle with vet-wrap at about the height the boot goes up
second, slide the boot on and secure
lastly, wrap the cuff of the boot again (half on the boot /half over the top) with vet-wrap so the bandage is able to  stick to the first layer of vet-wrap.
This is a tried and true method to keep them on.

Also use a paw-balm like Musher's Secret at the end of the day to help the skin remain pliant & heal over night.

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