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1. Bailey: Introduction

December 3, 2019 // Canine, Feeding Trial Chronicles, Chronic Illness Management
Some of you may remember my first doggie "make-over" with Buster back in 2017.
Well, this story is similar, but different... kinda' like all swan stories.
This series of blog articles will summarize the ups & downs of helping a dog named Bailey get un-sick over a period of months.
I like to write about these types of journeys in step-by-step detail so that those of you going through similar issues can see that you're not alone and that there is hope. Also, I like to demonstrate just how much time, patience and effort a turn-around in health takes. I don't want to sugar coat anything. As always, I don't believe there is a one-size-fits-all answer to any malady. Sorry, no magic bullet (or pill) here folks. 
So begins the journey with Bailey and her family to help her feel better and live longer. 
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Doggie Breath

October 10, 2019
Dog Breath

We are wondering if you have any supplements that help with bad breath? Peachy our 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback has had noticeably bad breath for about 2 months now. It seems like she has drainage in the back of her throat sometimes, and hacks to try to get it out usually in the mornings.

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Canine DCM

July 23, 2019 // Canine, Chronic Illness Management
Canine DCM
Check out the facts on the link between FOOD and K9 CDM
What we suggest and what brands of food we carry that you may like to rotate through
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Summer Ear Problems in Dogs

May 7, 2019
Natural Ear Infection Solution
We'd like to share with you a natural ear product that will make this summer's gooey, itchy ears a problem of summer's past!
Easy to use & all natural, organic Otaxium Drops, found in our Remedy Room.
Yes, these drops work to heal infections but the great part is if you use them preemptively this summer, you can PREVENT the infections in the first place. Now isn't that what i's all about!

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