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June 4, 2012 // Canine
fresh vegies
Have you been told not to give your dog people food? 
But you've probably also been told (more than once) to "eat your veggies" ... because they're good for you! 
Fruits and vegetables aren't just good for you, they're good for your dog, too.  Your dog benefits from eating spinach just like you.  
It doesn't matter what kind of diet your dog eats. 
Canned, kibble, or raw-fed dogs all benefit when you add fruits and veggies to their diet. 
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Diarrhea in dogs

May 14, 2012 // Canine
Most cases of diarrhea in dogs are self-limiting and, with a little help from you and proper diet, your dog can get back to form quickly. Fasting, resting, and allowing the natural course of things usually takes care of it. Here's some guidelines:
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Pet Food Labeling Rules

March 18, 2012 // Canine
These below facts/rules may make feel a little bit like a schlep as they lead to great labeling claims!
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Milk Thistle

March 14, 2012 // Canine, Equine
milk thistle
 Milk thistle is well known as a "liver herb" both for humans and pets.
Milk thistle contains a flavonoid compound called "silymarin" which itself is a combination of several other active compounds.
Extensive studies around the world have found that silymarin is safe and effective in treating a variety of liver diseases and other conditions, from kidney disease to mushroom or lead poisoning. It works by displacing toxins trying to bind to the liver and by causing the liver to regenerate more quickly.
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Puppies & Raw

February 14, 2012 // Canine
puppy bones
If your pup wasn't started out off his/her mom onto raw, that's OK. It's pretty simple to get going. Here's a guide to help you get started regardless of your pup's age.
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