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Ring bone in Horses

March 3, 2008 // Equine
Ringbone is an osteoarthritic condition that most commonly affects the pastern joint (high ringbone), but also can affect the coffin joint (low ringbone). The term gets its name from the ring or enlargement that can, in the more severe cases, form a true ring or enlargement of bone surrounding the pastern joint just above the coronet band. It is a degenerative disorder that affects the pastern and/or coffin joints and has no cure.
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"Easy Button" Raw formulation

June 18, 2000 // Canine, Recipes
raw 1
Dr. JulieAnn Lee’s 30-year-old fail safe
 “easy button” for raw feeders
Although there are a million theories, preferences and should & shouldn't lists on raw out there, if you're just getting going, here's a great place to start safely.. From here you can change & tweak your recipes the way you want from whatever you learn. 
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