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How We Choose the Dog Foods We Carry

Everyone thinks they have the best dog. They're all right.

Hey there! The staff here at Bridger A.N. are a lot like you. We're all dog lovers- you can probably tell by all the shop dogs-as many as 7 in the store at any given time! Dogs are part of our lives, just like they are yours. We have ups & downs with them. Behavioral challenges, allergies, grooming, pups that chew, older dogs that need a little more get the picture. Point is: we get you. We get you and your dogs' needs. Over the last 30 years, we’ve developed an approach that evaluates the sourcing, nutrition, sustainability and manufacturing methods of food, treats, supplements, toys, and some of the best extreme weather supplies in the industry. 

When choosing the dog foods we carry, we look at 1) the quality and digestibility of the ingredients, 2) the source of the nutrients and 3) the reason behind the formula’s foundation. We work with reputable companies who care about the quality of the food they make and are honest in all their communications. 
We believe strongly in feeding fresh, whole foods.  This little store boasts 18 reach-in glass door commercial freezers and 2 walk-in freezers in our warehouse filled to the brim with species appropriate raw components and raw blends for cats & dogs.  Incorporating raw foods into a pets daily diet adds all sorts of healthy benefits like good bacteria, enzymes, nutrcueticals, food-based soluble fibers and antioxidants. Raw food promotes cleaner teeth, better digestion, decreases inflammation, and supports the entire renal system. 
For more useful information on feeding dogs we recommend dogsnaturallymagazine, rawfed, dogs4dogs, the forever dog. More can be found here.

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Our lab had terribly oily smelly ears and was on antibiotics on & off for about 3 years. Libby helped us get her diet straightened out, which took months, but now her ears are consistently calm. Very nice.
Tyler  D.


Bridger Animal Nutrition chooses the brands we carry because they want the best for your animals—precisely like we do. We’re happy to recommend our favorite brands, and we’ll do our best to make sure we stock what you need. In fact, we might already have what you’re looking for. If you’re having trouble finding something or you don’t see the brand you’re looking for below, just ask.

Questions about the brands that we carry?

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Libby, I wanted to thank you again for sending the raw food samples to me. I’m really excited about Bella’s new diet and I think she is too. I’ve learned some valuable lessons from all of this. 1. Dogs instinctively know what’s good for them. Bella never wanted to eat her old food and she is now officially a chow hound. 2. Never say Never and keep and open mind. I used to say I’ll never use a raw diet. 3. Listen to my dog more and listen less to traditional veterinarians that tell me Science Diet is the only food she can eat for the rest of her life. 4. Green tripe stinks, but if she likes it it’s all right by me. I’m so glad my traditional veterinarian told me about you, even though she probably thought you would tell me I was crazy. Bella already seems more content and happy. She used to get up once or twice a night, but even with the homecooked diet, she is now sleeping through the night and so am I. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! Kelly
Kelly R.

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At Bridger Animal Nutrition®, we are service-oriented and committed to doing not what is fashionable, but what is right by the well-being and longevity of your animals.
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Let food be thy medicine....Literally people!
Whole, unadulterated foods contain a plethora of nutraceuticals that are powerful & healing in the utmost nourishing and balanced way that are gentle & reparative to the body! Let us help you fix the problem-not suppress a symptom.

Personalized diet consultations are available with our experienced consultant, Libby Burr. 
Among the most common ailments her knowledge is sought out for is IBD, allergies, and skin issues. However diabetes, seizures, behavior issues, and immune disorders are all well within her wheelhouse. 
Her passion for learning about species-defined-diets grew over the past two-plus decades out of helping people and animals heal through dietary changes. She has written articles for several journals on both equine & companion animal health. 
Libby values  meeting people where they are at , small changes,  and respecting everyone's comfort levels .

Personalized sensitivity assessment analysis is available with owner, Kris Clawson, an experienced Glacier Peaks and Bach Flower Remedy consultant. Take the guess work out of what's got your pet out of balance and so reactive! 

Click the button "Consulting Options" below to  read through our consulting options, then please contact us with any questions or to make an appointment!
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Delivery to your door!

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I love this place! I have 3 large dogs with food issues. They make great food recommendations and are happy to help in figuring out issues. I also love the dog treat bar where you can buy by the pound your dog's favorite treats. Great service too. When I'm in a hurry they get me in and out in 5 min!
Cora D.

Our Difference

Your health food store for pets and livestock®
We love what we do, and we hope it shows!
At Bridger Animal Nutrition®, we believe that good health and diet equals a better and happier animal. Our educated and passionate staff strive to provide you with the resources, products and services that will bring the most joy and health to your pets, livestock and you. We each have our own stories and journeys with animals,  just like you, and take our time to get to know your concerns, goals, limitations and expectations for you and your animal companions.

Bridger Animal Nutrition® is small and independently owned, allowing us to be very picky about what we choose to stock. The orders are also small, meaning you’ll always be guaranteed a fresher product. We offer local products whenever possible as  we love to support Montana made products!

The food products we stock are chosen based on the well-being of animals and the environment. Nutrition is a fledgling science and scientists are still learning about different nutrient requirements and synergistic relationships and how these affect organisms short term and long term. We strive keep up with the current knowledge and offer the newest items in nutrition that the market can supply given all the rules and regulations enforced by regulating agencies. We make every effort to keep you informed about what we know and why we choose to carry, or not carry, certain products.
  • USA, Canadian, New Zealand made products
  • Sourceable ingredients
  • Species appropriate formulations
  • Controlled processing
  • Environmentally conscientious practices
  • Montana Feeds when possible
  • Organic Feeds when available
  • Freshness

Some of our very best products came to us by recommendations or requests from customers like you! So if you want us to try to find something, let us know and we'll get to work!
The "non-consumable" products we carry are chosen from the most current trade shows in North America and are based on functionality and fun! We're happy to special order items, and also look for made in Montana goods whenever possible.
Bridger Feeds has been a mainstay of Bozeman since 1984, contributing dollars, time and energy into our community’s fairgrounds, animal shelters, and 4-H club. In order to expand beyond being known as just a feed store, we rebranded in 2010 as Bridger Feeds Animal Nutrition Center, later being shortened to Bridger Animal Nutrition. We specialize in the science of diet and nutrition and offer the most current feed solutions for your animals and are constantly adapting our practices as research progresses.

Each living body is unique. There is no best food or brand — only a best fit for your animal’s needs and overall health.

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THANK YOU! My Schantze girl is doing so well since our consultationt. She is behaving like the pup I once knew. She is no longer sickly and is perky once again! Oh My GOSH-what a relief! Thank you with providing me valuable information and resources to make sure Schatze has the best possible and healthy life. I can't believe how in less than one week her new diet (and forever diet) has changed her. She's not sick or acting nervous and shaky from an upset tummy-she is simply happy, snuggly, playful ...the dog we always knew/hoped she could be again-with your help! You have changed her life and mine because I no longer carry the stress and worry about her health and well-being. I can't thank you enough!
Megan & Schatze Welborne

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