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K9 CPR, don't miss a beat!

September 14, 2018 // Canine
Jolt CPR Training
Here are my notes form this informative  class taught by Dr. Dan Butterfield of Mountain Home Mobile Vet.  The class was held at The Commons on September 11 and presented by Jolt CPR Training Services. We used stuffed animal dogs to practice on and got to use Dr. Dan's own dog for tourniquet and pulse finding practice.
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Light for Chickens

September 5, 2018 // Poultry
Coop lights
Many newbie chicken keepers will wonder if they can gather eggs from their hens all year. The good news is, with proper conditions, your hens are capable of laying eggs in the winter. There are a few things to take into consideration if you would like fresh eggs year ’round.
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Notes from Tuesday 8/28/18 Microbiome Workshop

August 28, 2018
Here are copies of the hand-outs & some notes from this lecture on what a microbiome is, what the granddaddy of them all is, and how it can get out of whack-and how to turn it back around!
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Bill O'Connell from BiOmega3 Camelina Products

August 22, 2018
Bill O'Connell
I thought you might like to know why we select some of the products we carry. 
What better way to learn than seeing for yourself what made us say "yes" to these hand crafted products for your pets. 
Below are the answers to 8 questions I asked the creators, and share the answers with you.
Thanks for caring,
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Notes for the Tiny Tails Rescue Forum August 20, 2018

August 20, 2018
Kris Clawson joined pet adoption and rescue agencies from all over Montana at an event hosted by Tiny Tails Rescue to speak on the first few weeks of rehabilitating a starved animal. Below are her notes from the meeting. 
This does not include her Q &A session or anything Kris spoke from the heart on.
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