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Notes from RAW 101 Free In store Training June 25 7pm

June 25, 2018
June 25: Raw 101       7 pm at Bozeman Store
Presenter: Libby Burr
This was a training and demo session for BAN Staff that was open to the public.
The following was presented:
why raw?, commercially prepared options, how to transition, when to transition, how much to feed, bones, tripe, trachea.

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Grass Burns

June 3, 2018
Grass Burns can be annoying to the lawn lover, read below to learn why it's happening,
and how to change it.
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Diatomaceous Earth

June 3, 2018
What is DE
Many of us have heard about the importance of minerals in our animals’ diet, but not many are utilizing or have heard of nature's most amazing naturally occurring mineral deposits:  Diatomaceous Earth.
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3 Cancer fighters:

June 3, 2018
these 3 should be in your diet and your dog's!
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June 2, 2018

However, definitions for each are somewhat different, which makes things unnecessarily confusing. Dysbiosis is often defined as an imbalance of gut bacteria – too few friendly bacteria and too many opportunistic or pathogenic bad bacteria. Leaky gut syndrome is defined as the inability of the intestinal lining to prevent undigested food particles or potentially toxic organisms from passing into the bloodstream. It’s simpler to look at the situation this way: the imbalance of bacteria is what causes the problem – inadequate supplies of good bacteria, plus an overgrowth of bad bacteria, and sometimes yeast. This bacterial imbalance leads to inflammation of the membranes of the intestine, which results in the condition known as dysbiosis or leaky gut.
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Feeding Poultry

June 2, 2018
barred rock hen
Below is a brief run-down on what to feed chickens when.
We hope you find it helpful.
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