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Founder Season

March 5, 2019
Founder Prone?
IN Montana late May &Early June is when to begin 
pulling them off of pasture during the day!
Turning these sugar sensitive horses out only at night
will help limit the amount of fresh sugary green grass
they consume as well as preserve your pasture from overgrazing
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Pet Treats for the Holidays

December 11, 2018
Holiday Pet Treats
Just like you, I love to treat my pets with something extra special or cute for Christmas and I'd never want to deprive you of the same joy! 
BUT I will caution you. 
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Notes from the Essential Oil Class

December 3, 2018
Essential Oils
Below are the handouts from our last workshop on Essential Oils for Animals.
If you missed it, it was GREAT! Really informative and myth busting!

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Fish Oil vs. Glucosamine

November 11, 2018
fish oils
A client recently asked me my thoughts on fish oil vs. glucosamine for joint pain and inflammation as they heard of a recent study  claiming fish oil may be better at helping with this than glucosamine. But, they're two very differently functioning supplements, so lets get this cleared up.
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Grain Free Dog Foods and Heart Health

November 2, 2018
FDA pointing at the wrong offense
Here's a question I was recently asked: 
Libby, What do you think of the FDA looking into grain-free legume and potato diets linked to heart disease in dogs?
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Notes from Tuesday 10/30 Wild Game Workshop

October 31, 2018
Wild game
Here are copies of the hand-outs & some notes from this lecture on what hunters can harvest and save from their kills to put into dog food, either as toppers or as part of a home-made complete ration.
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