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Large Breed Puppy

June 2, 2018
large breed pup
Many pet owners still believe a roly-poly puppy is a healthy puppy. We need to set that old thinking aside if we’re going to help large and giant breed dogs live longer, healthier lives.
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Pet Food Containers

May 31, 2018
pouring away nutrients
Yep, you read that right. 
Not “what’s in your pet food?”…but rather, what container are you keeping your pet’s food in?
If your like most pet folks, you spend a sweet chunk of change on good food for your four legged kids. A good portion of that money goes into the package creation -and not just for pretty pictures.
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May 31, 2018
Gross! Your pup eats poop!
Either his own, or another dog's, or worse....the cats!
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Resources: Online

April 14, 2018
We all need a  reassurance or like to hear info from different sources sometimes. 
Here are a few that have been helpful to us over the years.
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April 12, 2018
Whether you hatch fertilized eggs in an incubator or purchase baby chicks at Bridger Animal Nutrition, getting started with a new group of chicks is very exciting — a sure sign that spring is on the way!

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Why Backyard Chickens

March 21, 2018
Why Keep Backyard Chickens?

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