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Cats are obligate carnivores who's systems cannot be cheated on with inferior ingredients without negative consequences.
Bridger Animal Nutrition® carefully selects our cat foods from hundreds of brands. Over the last two decades, we’ve developed an approach that evaluates the sourcing, nutrition, and manufacturing methods of cat foods. 
When choosing cat foods for our stores, we look at the quality and digestibility of the ingredients for the biology of a feline and the ingredient sources of the nutrients. In addition to ingredients, it’s important to consider the formula’s foundation and why the ingredients were chosen. It's also important to remember that felines are obligate or "true" carnivores that have no nutritional requirements for starches, carbohydrates or fiber. They DO however have high demands for moisture and quality protein. That's why we carry more varieties of canned, pouched and frozen cat foods in more flavors, textures and sizes than any other retailer in the northwest region!

Most cats who are fed a diet of dry food don’t drink enough water to make up for the low moisture content of that food, even though they appear to be drinking plenty. Recent veterinary research shows a powerful link in cats between the most common form of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (idiopathic cystitis) and an exclusively dry food diet. The study also found that cats who have already had a feline urinary tract disorder appear much more likely to have a recurrence if they are fed an exclusively dry diet instead of a canned or mixed diet. A simple, healthy way to increase your cat’s water consumption is to replace part or all of its dry diet with a high quality canned food, pouches or raw food.

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